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I'm alive!

So I know I almost never update this anymore, but here I am. Work is drama as always. Brian apparently is being a two-faced bitch, just like almost everyone who works there. I'll probably be getting fired or demoted soon, and this time it seems much more likely than when I've said it before. I decided that tomorrow night is going to be a drinking night at work...for one because it's been a long time and I really wanna drink with Luke and Justin again, and for another because I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be there, and if I'm getting fired anyway what the fuck does it matter, right?

Went out on Wednesday for St. Patrick's day. I was on a hunt for green beer, but never actually got any. I had a great time though. Me and Loren went out with Kevin, Robin, Jack, and a bunch of other people. We stayed out until about 3:30 and kinda raised hell. I love nights like that, even though I had to be at work at 8:30 on Thursday. Nights like that are worth it.

I was gonna go to Halo night at Mike and Sarah's tonight, but I just wasn't feeling very social, so I'm hanging out at Loren's by myself. Hopefully I'll get to bed at a decent time, but we'll see. I'm sure they're all having a great time, and I don't really participate when I go over there, so I don't really feel guilty...just kinda.

So um, yeah, that's my life right now. Oh, wait, I'm also having to play this stock market game for my finance class, but that's pretty much it. Wooo, I'm a wild one. Well, at least I try to be every so often, especially when it starts getting warm ;)

I've rattled enough...I'll go now.
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